About Us

MGRM Pinnacle, Inc. is an educational technology company that provides comprehensive end-to-end software products, solutions, and services, supporting the entire educational domain from pre-K to university on a single integrated platform.

...years of experience within the technology and education domains

Our mission is to empower performance across the life cycle through intelligent solutions. It is through education and the use of technology that we will enable decisions that transform lives worldwide. Our strong foundation is built upon our years of experience within the technology and education domains.

MGRM Pinnacle recognizes the increasing demand in both the traditional and non-traditional education marketplace for educational tools and resources that meet the needs of not only the individual student, but the institution at large. The current educational domain is flooded with disparate technologies which drain precious institutional resources while straining their limited human capital.

Our vision is to bring all of the divergent tasks an education institution has into one simple, economical, responsive, and powerful solution. We enable organizations to streamline workflows, create economic efficiencies, meet the specific and unique needs of their stakeholders, and create strength and security within their organizations through the deployment of the MGRM Pinnacle system.