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Dr. K V R Murthy

Dr. K V R Murthy

Founder and Group Chairman

Dr. K V R Murthy, founder and group Chairman of MGRM Group of Companies, is a visionary scientist with an extraordinary multi-disciplinary educational background traversing the realms of engineering, medicine and advanced research in several fields from leading institutions, and a pioneer in the field of rehabilitation science. Dr. Murthy has a very unambiguous humanitarian core to his entrepreneurship and has worked unrelentingly on his conviction in research as being the best mechanism to face the challenges of the world, especially to solve the problems of and rehabilitate the less favored members of society. A man of extraordinary vision and deep principles, it was Dr. Murthy’s commitment to improving human values and his insight into the process of rehabilitation of society, which led to the foundation of MGRM.

His profound work in the field of rehabilitation is enshrined in his vision statement: “Search and research are the essence of mankind. The resultant awareness leads to an individual’s physical, psychological, social and spiritual evolution. Extensive scientific and medical research has proved that the concept of rehabilitation is not limited to physical rehabilitation. Ultimate Rehabilitation for the human race is the one that can recognize and simultaneously encompass all the above elements that make an individual a complete personality.”

Driven by this compelling vision that binds all MGRM group businesses and activities into a cohesive unit and under his exceptional leadership, MGRM an acronym for “Multi-domain Global Relationship Management,” has grown into a multi-business group committed to creating and delivering products and services addressing the physical, psychological, and social needs of human personality for their Ultimate Rehabilitation. Dr. Murthy is an entrepreneur with an incredible technological brain credited with more than 100 patents, 200 trademarks and 50 licenses. He has spearheaded organizational turnarounds and introduced leading-edge concepts and strategies to product development and market, backed by unparalleled domain research. Dr. Murthy is recognized for his passion and noteworthy contributions to advancements in research, especially in the domains of healthcare resulting in physical rehabilitation and education resulting in psychological rehabilitation. His professional expertise focuses primarily, although not exclusively, on the strategic use of technology and processes in a multi-domain environment. His multi-domain expertise and global approach has earned Dr. Murthy several important advisory and consulting positions within industry and with public partnerships.