MGRM Pinnacle provides educational e-governance-based applications and services to schools across the globe.



MGRM Pinnacle, Inc. products have the unique advantage of the research-based offerings from its technology parent. The research, with its special focus on India, helps MGRM assimilate diverse practices and acquire a cutting edge in implementation of these systems.


M-Star LMS

M-Star LMS is a highly-intuitive tool for delivering online courses and distance education.

It is a platform that fulfills all the needs of an online learning community and benefits the educators, as well as students, by utilizing a common, cohesive platform.

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M-Star CMS

MGRM's M-Star CMS provides even non-technical users an easy-to-manage interface for website creation, updates and modifications. Websites made with M-Star CMS are interactive and have a built-in workflow modeled to suit the requirements of any type of institution.

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M-Star School Expert System

The M-Star School Expert System is a versatile product that spans the breadth of the educational institution to support each component within the school system. It enhances productivity and performance, reduces cost, and most importantly, triggers the growth of each individual, be it the management, teachers, students, parents or alumni. The program has been built around all the requirements of each stakeholder.

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M-Star College Expert System

The M-Star College Expert System, built on the M-Star platform, can manage, deliver, and report on all of the functions required to support the entire gamut of needs within a college – from students to alumni, instructors to administrators. Built on over two decades of research, the M-Star platform is a flexible, robust, secure, and comprehensive educational management system, designed to improve the educational and economic viability of your institution.

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M-Star University Expert System

The M-Star University Expert System is the MGRM Pinnacle solution specifically designed for universities. The modules and functional components packaged together with the M-Star platform address the needs of a larger institution, on scale with tertiary-level educational institutions or universities.

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OmVcard - the Online Multi-domain Value Card (OmVcard) is the most unique component of MGRM Pinnacle’s solutions and services. This single tool brings the reliability and scalability of all of the MGRM services to the finger tips of the user – one key to a world of services.

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InnovatED Support Services

InnovatED's sole purpose is to provide support to schools implementing online learning programs using the MStar platform. Our team has been supporting online learning providers for more than 15 years, establishing a strong foundation built on our wealth of education experience. One of our main goals is to build lasting relationships with our clients. We work very hard to make sure that every possible measure is taken to exceed expectations and have the confidence needed to ensure your students succeed. Our highly-qualified and friendly teams of training, sales, instruction, and curriculum professionals ensure that all of your questions and needs are handled in an efficient manner. Below is a list of the different support services that we offer.

Training and Implementation


Training is available, both via teleconference and face-to-face, in support of the following activities:

  • teaching online
  • online mentoring
  • administrating your online program
  • creating online courses
  • Hybrid/Supplemental course creation
  • PLC/Professional Development creation


InnovatED customers can expect the highest level of reliability and support from the very beginning. The success of our partner schools is a direct measure of our success in customer service and support. Having a strong foundation, starting with a comprehensive implementation, ensures a successful beginning to a prosperous relationship. Our Training & Implementation Team will be in place from day one to make sure that you, and all the staff members who will be supporting the students as they engage in the M-Star system, have a successful and rewarding experience.

  • Our implementation service will guide your program administrator through the procedures for establishing and implementing an effective process to meet your school's specific student population needs.
  • A customized Implementation Plan is created to meet your specific goals – both from a timing perspective and a performance perspective.
  • InnovatED team members will be there to assist school administrators, instructors, and students along every step of the way.

Course Instruction - For Online Program Model Only

We offer three options for course instruction:

  • your instructors teach the online courses through the MyLMS system
  • our certified-instructors teach the online courses through the MyLMS system, or
  • we all teach together in a blended instruction model.

If you choose to use our teachers to teach your online courses, you will get certified instructors and full academic support for your students. Our instructors will grade and tutor, as well as provide synchronous learning opportunities throughout our extended hours of operation (approximately 14hrs a day). We then submit final grades to the school and the school can incorporate the grade into the student's academic transcript.

Academic Support

If you would like to take advantage of our online-instructors, while also maintain complete course instruction control, we do provide a means by which your students can access our online-instructors for one-on-one assistance with their online course. With our program, you can help increase student academic performance through cost-effective and scalable solutions. We will provide you with our toll-free number into our Virtual Learning Center where our certified-instructors reside. The Virtual Learning Center has extended hours which allow your students more time for course assistance. Through both asynchronous and synchronous activities, such as telephone, online chat, and virtual classrooms, your students can receive one-on-one support in their online courses.

Faculty Support

Students are the only ones that have access to ongoing support services. Teachers are identified as faculty points of contact and can dial into our Innovated help desk to receive assistance with technology and address any other program or platform questions. This support can be for matters that are functional & programmatic, as well as technical. With our years of education experience, we understand what a student needs to succeed academically better than anyone else. InnovatED’s mission is to support the entire body of users within the MStar system.

Curriculum Design and Development

Many schools and districts have very specific course needs. Perhaps you have created a specific course to meet a district standard, or perhaps one of your instructors has designed a remarkable course that you would like to share across your school. InnovatED’s curriculum team can assist you with converting that into a virtual program to be delivered via the MStar platform. Through that unifying platform all of your instructors can benefit from the shared curriculum.

Technology Integration

We know that you’ve probably already got some systems in place and you’re probably concerned about integrating the MStar platform with your existing systems. We can help with that! Our solution is reliable and has the scalability schools need to implement a cost-effective solution that creates economic efficiencies and improves student academic performance. InnovatED programmers have a strong foundation with years of experience working with educational technology and can assist you with data migration and integration.

M-Star Education Expert Systems

The demands on the educational institution are expanding as the resources to support it are diminishing. Administrators are faced with ever-increasing appeals from students, staff, and parents for systems that meet the needs of the individual, or "individualized learning."

How does an institution monitor, support, engage, and report on the activities of hundreds and even thousands of students and staff?

Through the M-Star platform, all of these stakeholders interact with the information applications and systems that are relevant to their roles.

More importantly, how does an institution do this in an efficient and economical manner?

MGRM Pinnacle's suite of solutions is part of the M-Star Education Expert Systems built upon the M-Star platform, a platform developed with over two decades of research in education systems. The M-Star Education Systems are:

  • Versatile
  • Able to enhance productivity and performance
  • Designed to reduce operating costs
  • Comprehensive in the systematic coverage of both the organization and individual needs across the entire educational domain (student, teacher, parent, administrator or alumni)

Each of the offerings available through the M-Star Education Expert Systems (EES) have a strong, reliable foundation built around all the requirements of each stake holder - students, teachers, administrators, and parents. Through the M-Star platform, all of these stakeholders can access and interact with the information, applications, and systems that are relevant to their roles. These types of interactions will promote stronger lines of communication, positive engagements, and a successful and technologically-innovative learning experience.


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