M-Star School Expert System

M-Star SES


The M-Star School Expert System (SES) is the MGRM Pinnacle solution specifically designed for pre-K through 12th grade. The modules and functionality packaged together with the M-Star platform address the needs of the primary and secondary education domain.

Can one system meet the needs of the entire school community?

Our years of experience in the education domain and running actual schools and supporting districts proves that we can. The M-Star School Expert System, built on the M-Star platform, can manage, support, and deliver all of the functionality required to provide an exceptional educational experience for not only the students, but for staff, administrators, and even parents. The SES is an end-to-end system to:

  • Integrate attendance records with student performance data and testing results.
  • Capture student/teacher, teacher/administrator, and parent/teacher interactions and communication and tie these interactions back to the student or employee records.
  • Deliver diagnostic and prescriptive testing through online courses, correlated with appropriate national and state standards as well as needed remediation materials.
  • Track and analyze purchasing, payroll, and inventory all within the same system and all tied back to your complete financial system.
  • Reduce the amount of time instructors spend grading and recordingkeeping while improving their student data resources and ability to communicate with parents.

M-Star SES is a comprehensive solution featuring individual customizable modules that address every aspect of the school.

  • Admissions
  • Attendance
  • School newsletter
  • Exams & testing
  • Fee management
  • Financials
  • Health


  • HR
  • Inventory & stores
  • Library
  • SIS
  • Purchasing
  • Transportation
  • Cafeteria

Every individual within the school system – student, teacher, administrator, and parent – has access to relevant functions and reports on one single, secure, easy-to-use platform. The M-Star SES system is not only infinitely scalable in its scope of coverage, it also brings with it an economy of scale. Regardless of your school or district size, or the depth of your program offerings, the M-Star School Expert System can support student improvement, school improvement, and ultimately improve the financial health of your organization.