M-Star CMS

Content Management System


M-Star CMS stands for web Content Management System

MGRM Pinnacle's M-Star CMS is a highly-advanced solution for creating, hosting and managing large and dynamic collections of web material for a school, institution, or business.

Have you noticed how some institutions have dynamic, interactive, and compelling websites that engage visitors, while others have static, dull and utilitarian websites that leave visitors frustrated? The difference between these two websites starts with the web content management system. A strong and flexible CMS helps you to easily design, construct, support, manage and deliver an engaging website.

With M-Star CMS, your institution can own its own website, keep it dynamic and eganage, and deliver relevant and interesting content to all fo your stakeholders. M-Star CMS can be customized to meet the specific requirements of your school or institution and provides an easy-to-manage interface for content updates and modifications, even by a non-technical user. H

Fully loaded with the latest available features and plugins to support all types of content, M-Star CMS will help you attract and keep website visitors. Manage blogs, news feeds, wikis, forums, user-generated content, e-commerce, data capture, and interface with real-time Web 2.0 data streams without being an expert in computer programming. M-Star CMS is built to support your organization’s website needs, big or small!