M-Star LMS

Blended Learning Spectrum


M-Star LMS is a user-friendly learning system that provides a single view with access to all the important parameters a user needs to achieve educational success.


M-Star LMS is a highly-intuitive educational platform that supports the entire learning spectrum; including traditional face-to-face classroom instruction, all models of blended learning and fully virtual online course delivery.

M-Star LMS is MGRM Pinnacle’s Learning Management System; the cloud-based product through which learners access educational content such as fully-online courses, blended learning resources, assessments, or electronic media resources. M-Star LMS includes tools for creating and editing content, communicating, collaborating, and managing the online learning process.

Instructors can spend their valuable time doing that which is most important…Teaching!

Administrators will find that the reporting functions within the M-Star LMS are robust and customizable, giving them the confidence and tools they need to help improve their students’ academic performance. Through an easy-to-use dashboard interface, administrators can view reports on both student progress and performance, as well as instructor interactions and class performance. Because so much work is done by the system, instructors can spend their valuable time doing that which is most important…teaching!

MGRM Pinnacle’s M-Star LMS uses learning modules to allow districts to add their own assessments and materials. This flexibility allows districts to keep the learning experience consistent throughout the school district and make their online content unique and fully customizable. With the help of our design structure and philosophy, districts and organizations have the power to reorder, augment, and customize the curriculum to fit their needs. Administration of the application is even easier, all the functions and reporting tools are right at your fingertips.

Some compelling reasons for using M-Star LMS:

  • It enhances teaching skills
  • The interface is clean and focused
  • Dedicated teacher / student / parent / administrator dashboards
  • SCORM compliant
  • Cross-platform functionality
  • and much more...