The Ultimate Empowerment

The Online Multi-domain Value Card (OmVcard) is the most unique and novel component of MGRM's e-Governance solutions and services.


This single tool brings the reliability and scalability of all of the MGRM services to the finger tips of the user – one key to a world of services.

The card itself is a PACTOP™ - a pocket computer. The cutting-edge technology used for the card is among the most advanced in the world, with a 128-bit encryption to support the highest level of security. Access to a spectrum of resources, information, and solutions is built into a microprocessor chip embedded into this single, digital card. The Value Card, the first of its kind, accesses and interfaces with MGRM Pinnacle, Inc.’s integrated applications. It functions seamlessly across different domains of the MGRM Pinnacle service network, empowering its user.

The OmVcard connects its owner to the suite of resources and systems available through our products and solutions. MGRM Pinnacle, Inc. personalizes and customizes the card according to the user/organizational requirements – think of this in terms of a school ID to the power of 100. It provides access to functions depending on roles, privileges, and duties for each user as per the institution’s design. It is so much more than a simple access card or ID card; it’s a dynamic tool bearing access rights and functions that interact with the application system.

Once personalized, only the owner can use this OmVcard. The system keeps complete track of the transactions that take place through the card, maintaining a log of each user. The card stores all information in a highly-secured manner. MGRM Pinnacle’s proprietary technology permits the user to use the OmVcard in the manner of his or her choice. It can function in a closed-user group and/or in the public domain. Responsibilities can be added, deleted, and updated centrally for a group of users or a specific user without disturbing the person concerned.

Think about the possibilities! We’re talking about a means for identifying students and educators alike from the beginning of their journey in education throughout their entire lives. It’s a way for an individual to ensure that what is important to them, what identifies them as unique, and what information is relevant and pertinent to them is always available, no matter where they are. Users will never have to worry about dragging transcripts from one institution to the next, or having the appropriate document for the HR department at their place of employment. All of these vital bits of information can be accessed with this secure, personalized key – the OmVcard.

With the OmVcard, schools, colleges, and universities will be able to provide their students and staff an unprecedented experience throughout their entire system. From the library, to the cafeteria, and from the gym to the Friday night football games, the OmVcard will facilitate the identification of users and the transfer of data.


OmVcard in Action

Check out the OmVcard Video to see just how powerful the OmVcard is.

 OmVcard Video


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Is it OmVcard?

Is it OmVcard?

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