Along with our software and product offerings, one of our main objectives is to provide support to schools that implement our online learning platform. Our team has been supporting educational institutions for more than 15 years, developing knowledge and skills that we use to help your school achieve success.

In order to maximize retention and streamline workflows and process within a school, district, college, or university the M-Star platform and customizable modules can help fill a variety of needs. With the help of our InnovatED business services division, the variety of services MGRM Pinnacle, Inc. is prepared to deliver extends from district-wide or college-wide professional development training for instructors and administrators, to actually teaching your secondary educational courses through the M-Star LMS application.

One of our main goals is to build lasting relationships with our clients and always ensure that every possible measure is taken to exceed expectations. Our highly-qualified and friendly team of training, sales, instruction, and curriculum professionals ensures that all of your questions and needs are handled in an efficient manner. Below are a few of the varied support services that we offer.


Our implementation team guides your program administrator through the procedures for setting up an effective program to meet your school's specific student population needs. Each implementation plan is tailored to meet your specific goals, and our team members will be there to assist your school administrators along every step of the way.


Training is an important part of the recipe for success. Our years of experience have helped us to craft a training program that is relevant, efficient, and comprehensive. These training sessions are intended to provide Program Administrators and other key program leaders with the tools and skills needed to lead the rest of the faculty during the implementation of M-Star LMS.

Subjects covered during these training sessions will include:

  • How to configure your site
  • Managing roles and permissions
  • Creating and editing courses
  • Grading
  • Teacher reports
  • And much more...

Academic Support

For all preK-12th grade academic programs, we will provide you with our toll-free number into our Virtual Learning Center. Our extended hours allow your students more time for course assistance. Our live instructors are also available for one-on-one assistance via phone, instant messenger or live virtual office.

Partner Support

Your organization's designated faculty members can dial into our help desk to receive assistance with technology and address any other program or platform questions

Curriculum Design and Development

If you have a course specific to your school or district, we can assist you with converting that into a virtual program to be delivered via the M-Star platform.

Technology Integration

MGRM Pinnacle strives to ensure that our clients receive the appropriate level of support that will help them to achieve success with all of our educational technology solutions. We understand that institutions have different needs when it comes to technical support and have designed several levels of support to better serve clients.

MGRM Pinnacle’s Technical Support Department offers three general levels of support:

  • Standard Support
  • Premium Support
  • Premium Plus Support

Each level is designed to give you the assistance and support that you need to run your program smoothly and effectively. From online trouble shooting to in-person support, we are there to help you every step of the way.

Course Instruction - For Online Program Model Only

We offer three options for course instruction: your instructors teach, our instructors teach, or we all teach together. If you use our teachers, you get certified instructors and academic support with extended hours. We grade and tutor, as well as provide synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities. We then submit final grades to the school and the school can incorporate the grade into the student's academic transcript.