It’s no secret that technology plays a major role in the education domain. From student information systems to eLearning software, schools are inundated with technologies meant to improve the learning experience. But with the wide array of solutions offered to schools and districts, making all of these systems work together can feel like a never-ending battle.

"The M-Star platform can create economic efficiencies while improving student academic achievement."

Until now, all these disparate programs have all just been answers in search of a problem. That was before MGRM Pinnacle, Inc. offered a solution that delivers comprehensive, end-to-end software, products, and services supporting the entire educational domain from pre-K through university; all on a single, integrated platform.

In an effort to streamline and create efficiencies across all departments in an institution, the MGRM Pinnacle solutions give our customers the tools they need to succeed. Organizations and institutions are no longer handcuffed to the inefficiency of incompatible systems and outdated infrastructures. All of our online solutions are designed to integrate with a variety of compatible systems, data and third-party applications, so customers can increase their functionality and meet their needs.

Here are just a few examples of how our software, products, and services can help your school, district, or institution:

A Single Platform for Multiple Systems

Whether it is monitoring student academic progress, tracking your school’s budget, managing operational workflows, or hosting curriculum for your online classes, spreading these programs across a variety of different systems can derail your organization’s effectiveness and efficiency, not to mention put a serious strain on your budget. In order to help streamline your school’s programs and procedures, our solution allows you to support all of your school’s systems with one single platform. With our single platform solution, your school can create economic efficiencies, eliminate redundancies, improve communications and increase the performance of all the stakeholders across your entire institution.

Budget and Program Evaluation

We are in the midst of a worldwide financial downturn that has definitely impacted the educational domain. Policymakers and administrators alike are being asked to reevaluate the financial viability of their institution and programs. With the reports and robust analytic capabilities available through the MGRM Pinnacle M-Star solution, decision makers will have all of the pertinent data at their fingertips to help make those tough decisions.

Increase Graduation Rates

Dropout prevention is an important issue schools and one districts battle on a yearly basis. There are a number of factors that impact a student’s decision to drop out of school, and many are out of the teacher’s hands. But as educators, we have a responsibility to make sure we do everything in our power to help our students succeed. From credit recovery to summer school offerings, our solution can help you provide all the available options to your students and allow them to achieve their goals for graduation.

Accommodate Multiple Learning Styles

Teachers and administrators are faced with the challenge of satisfying the needs of a very diverse student population. Along with the variety of personalities and aptitudes, teachers are also challenged with a variety of learning styles that require dynamic approaches to teaching concepts and lessons to students. With this in mind, our program allows schools and districts the opportunity to implement multiple solutions perfect for a spectrum of learning modalities - independent study, blended learning, or special education needs – from a single platform.

And so much more...

There are many more ways the MGRM Pinnacle solution can resolve the issues that your organization is facing. Contact us to learn how this comprehensive program can be customized to meet your exact needs.